The headquarters of the Best Leader Financial Group is located in Hong Kong and with a very strong financial background. We are willing to accept external supervision and make the greatest effort with the regulatory institutions to ensure the safety of customer funds, maintaining the reputation of the financial industry and make progress with investors together.

Success requires adequate preparation. To support our partners, we will enhance the company's management level, save overhead costs while maximizing our profits, and more importantly is to minimize our risk exposure.

We occasionally organize promotional activities, which includes financial advisers and clients, so that we can remain competitive in the market. In order to achieve performing results, we also arrange varies kind of competition within our company occasionally in order to drive internal staffs' and business partners' motivations.

Our team provides market analysis program to financial advisers and business partners, which offers a very detailed explanation of the various factors that influencing the economy, financial markets and the business cycle at the macro level.Meanwhile, we also provide the latest daily market information to financial advisers via e-mail or text messages, so that they can stay closely with the undergoing economic changes.