Best Leader Precious Metals Limited

Best Leader Wealth Management Limited (“BLWM”) is based in Hong Kong, provides customers with one-stop financial planning services in greater China. Its scope of businesses includes fund investment, insurance planning, asset management and MPF service. BLWM in recent years actively expanded its range of products and opened up more operational sites, provide customers with a more dynamic selection, and help customers to achieve their wealth accumulation goals. We aim at becoming the leading financial service group within the Asia-Pacific region in the near future.

Development History

Best Leader Wealth Management Limited, formerly known as Govantage Financial Services Limited, was founded in 2008 and became a subsidiary of Best Leader Financial Group in 2015. Its management has eighteen years of wealth management, finance and insurance services sales experience. In 1997, Govantage began to develop in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and China. Through years of experience, we fully understand our customers' needs and be able to design innovative and integrated financial solutions package, thus providing the most diversified product portfolio for our invaluable customers.

Development Strategy

BLWM provides customers with bespoke high quality and one-stop financial solutions to meet their needs and help them to achieve their goals. In the near future, the company will launch a three-line development strategy: explore more areas of cooperation, cultivate more talents, expand its range of products as well as developing a few more branches within the Asia Pacific region.